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Everyone has a story.

CoAct recently embarked on an innovative storytelling project aimed at sharing good news from our network. Young filmmakers from across the country were selected to develop short film documentaries about our Service Partners and their clients - Change the Story was created!

Change the Story is a nationwide storytelling project celebrating people and communities around Australia who are changing the story - who are stepping up, working hard and making a difference in their own lives and their community. The project is a celebration of community resilience and innovative social change storytelling.

This year's project showcases films about innovation, community cohesion and individual persistence and determination, and covers a broad range of themes, including: employment, mental health, English as a second language and training to support employment opportunities.

Film Stories

Selected filmmakers were matched with a participating CoAct Service Partner and together they workshopped ideas and possible stories. The young filmmakers have each achieved engaging, creative, bold and fresh films that will move and inspire you, and in doing so, showcase individuals and organisations that often go unnoticed.

Click on the film image below to watch the short film or the story title for detailed information about the short film, the film maker and the CoAct Service Partner organisation.

Change the Story is produced by CoAct, a national network of locally-embedded community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for Australia's disadvantaged. The Change the Story Project was proudly supported by the following CoAct Service Partners: CHESS, IMPACT Community Services, Marillac, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Settlement Services International, Workways Australia, and Youth Projects.